After the rubble left by the devastating 7.9 earthquake in Nepal has finally settled to reveal the sobering realities of the tragedy, we mourn for the estimated 4,000+ people who have lost their lives and their families, and must help those who are still stranded without food, water, shelter, and medical help. NIDAN FOUNDATION NEPAL (NFN) is a non-profit foundation registered in Nepal, and, as in the past, is working towards the medical needs of villagers in the Sindhupalchowk district, which has been identified as one of the most affected areas of Nepal.

-You can learn more about NIDAN FOUNDATION NEPAL's previous medical service and humanitarian efforts at and our facebook page.

-The rural villages have been so devastated that pictures of the aftermath have not yet been available, and the surviving villagers fight for their lives out in the open without medical help and supplies. Updates on their exact conditions will follow.

- All of the money raised (besides the processing fees) will be donated to local immediate organizations like Red-Cross, MSF/Doctors Without Borders, and other relief agencies on the ground in the Kathmandu Valley with a specific focus on the Sindhupalchowk district, in which NIDAN FOUNDATION was still helping to rebuild after a deadly landslide that took over 100 lives not even a year ago.

- Aside from the immediate medical needs that must be established (the only accessible hospital was damaged beyond functionality), all of the proceeds will go towards the long term efforts of rebuilding the district and the countless homes, schools, and medical facilities that were lost.

We will continuously update on the status of the villagers affected in the Sindhupalchowk district and Kathmandu Valley. We will be partnering with established organizations already working to relieve the disaster's grip on the country, both immediately and in the long term.

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We recently collaborated with Sindhu Sadabahar Hospital, Khadichaur for our volunteer program with Saint Mary's College of California. This is a volunteer service experience for pre-medical students. Volunteers will have clinical exposure in a community hospital in Khadichaur village, Nepal. Under the program, several health camps will be organized for the villagers in the rural parts of the village. Volunteers will be involved in organizing and conducting the health camp by helping the doctors and nurses. While doing service, volunteers will receive Nepali language and culture classes, which will help them communicate with locals during their stay in Nepal. In addition, they will be also teaching health and sanitation classes and doing activities with schoolchildren in the nearby school.


Our VIsion & Our Commitment

NIDAN FOUNDATION NEPAL strives to constantly innovate various strategies in order to simplify the complex health issues prevalent in the rural societies of Nepal. With any health crisis, improvements must be made from within the most notably affected communities by enabling those communities to take control of their own primary health resources, both existing and lacking. But, as unified health efforts have proven in the past, international aid proceeding side by side with countries in need toward the innovation of novel solutions have made significant contributions and improvements in the health of isolated, impoverished areas. We believe in sustained collaboration and dissolving the boundaries between our national and international volunteers, including donor agencies that are pivotal for the exploration of persistent problems in various rural communities, and the social, political, and financial hindrances of a nation venturing towards a healthier and brighter future.  As a foundation, we refuse to accept the premise that the current health conditions of Nepal's poor rural communities remain admissible, especially when a definitive opportunity to improve countless lives is within our reach. Given this, NIDAN FOUNDATION NEPAL has formed in dedication to the wellbeing of those born into situations beyond their control, but within our unified ability as diverse national and international volunteers to improve.

Miss Slesha Thapa

Miss. Slesha Thapa


Being the only Nepali at St. Mary's College of California, a small private catholic school 20 miles away from San Francisco and a unique upbringing, I always found myself different than any other in the community. Having moved from Nepal to the US, four years ago, I acknowledged this opportunity I received to further my undergraduate studies in a totally foreign country. This huge transformation of my educational, social and cultural experience from one side of the world to the other has been a life learning tool that has helped me become independent, to grow and understand myself and these two worlds of mine better.

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As the familiar fog of another morning rolled over the Himalayas and peacefully drifted onto the Kathmandu Valley, a taxi driver slowly turned his wrist clockwise as the radio found its way to the 'Voice of America' station, broadcasting over 11,000km across the world. The breath of rejoice singing 'Amazing Grace' on the radio somehow remained tranquil as it declared the birth of a new political era in Nepal, and the people breathed deeply the renewed air of a New Nepal; the New Nepal, born again from the ashes of monarchy and a decade of political turmoil. And as the song faded into its final verse, the beginning of a new life for Nepal came to a crescendo.




Shadowing and aiding nurses and doctors in the provision of medicine, food, surgeries, and other various needs of the patients admitted to Khadichaur's Sindhu Sadabahar public health center.
Assisting adults and children in the Khaudichaur community and those admitted to Sindhu Sadabahar in the proper use of the hospital's facilities, as well as personal hygiene, sanitation, pharmaceuticals, and health education.
Helping patients without sufficient funds obtain necessary hospital services (X-rays, lab tests, etc.) free of cost through the Nidan Foundation.
Aiding in the transportation of patients to different areas of the hospital, such as post-operation transport and moving immobile patients to the X-ray facilities, along with accompanying ambulance drivers.
Making financial and healthcare related arrangements for needy patients and their loved ones, such as transportation services and tests not available at Sindhu Sadabahar on behalf of the Nidan Foundation.
Providing volunteers with opportunities to create meaningful projects in the Khaudichaur community dealing with healthcare, education, renovation projects, fundraising, etc.